Sunday, May 30, 2010

Any Way

People stand outside of clinics holding signs similar to these.

Screaming that the woman going inside in the clinic is a murderer.

That she will rot in hell.

That she is killing her baby.

And yet, she goes in and has her abortion anyway. Do you honestly believe none of those thoughts had occurred to her already? That she laid awake in bed at night wondering how she would decide? What she would do?

Despite the hatred flowing out of your mouths, they have their abortions anyway. What you say, though it may upset, does not stop them from getting abortions.

It does not stop the doctor from going to the office.

It does not stop the secretary from going to work.

It does not stop the escort who stands outside all day helping women get inside the building because you have way too much free time.

It does not stop me from helping women get abortions.

It does not stop us.

We have our abortions anyway. Despite you. We have our abortions any way. Women will do literally anything to get that out of their bodies. They will travel hundreds of miles. They will stick coat hangers inside themselves, hoping. They will take herbal cocktails, hoping. Hoping beyond hope. That this will stop and it can be over.

This has to be deeply upsetting and unsettling to know, from an anti's perspective. Knowing that women will do it anyway. Grappling with the fact that even though you just showed me a picture with blood and guts and told me I am a terrible person, I'm still going to have my abortion.

I'm still going to have my abortion, anyway and any way.


  1. Women will have their abortions despite the threats, the lies, the moralizing, the hate and other spectacles that antis dream up. Despite the shame the antis bring on themselves and their religion, women will prevail because they know what is best for them. And despite the misogynists in politics and religion, we trust women to make the right choices.

  2. "I'm still going to have my abortion, anyway and any way."

    That is such a touching line. Thank you! ♥

  3. I might have some respect for the disgusting forced-birthers if they were at least honest.

    Show those zygotes as actual size, liars.

  4. The comment I heard most from women while working in the clinic is some iteration of "I just want this over as fast as possible." The antis don't seem to get it. Women will do what it takes to have an abortion no matter the obstacles they place in front of them.


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