Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials?

I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon this little gem. One of my favorite, love-to-hate-'em, college football players is going to be in a Super Bowl commercial. This is not your ordinary Super Bowl commercial - scantily clad women enticing men to drink really terrible beer, eat junk food, etc.

Oh no. This commercial is sponsored by Focus on the Family. Oh take that, Gator Fans, your beloved Tim Tebow is going to be in an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl. I can't seem to find a sneak peek of this ad. All I know is that he and his mom are going to talk about how her doctors recommended she have an abortion during her pregnancy with him because she was sick while doing a mission trip to the Philippines.

Interesting -- it was recommended she have an abortion, but she made a choice not to. She made a choice! I honestly am glad that she got to make a choice. And now she will go on national TV and promote denying that choice to others. Splendid.

And why the Super Bowl?


  1. This would seem to be the "trump" card used by the anti-choice movement: what if you/I had been aborted? As if putting my life into the mix changes my opinion. If I had been aborted, I wouldn't have known or cared; only my mother would have. And of course every woman has a choice, but the options are A: Don't abort and keep the baby, B: Don't abort and adopt the baby. See, choice!

  2. surprise, surprise, a football player AND a jerk.

  3. But hey, evangelicals have a lock on kitsch and gaudiness, they make Liberaci look discreet.

  4. Yet another reason for me to watch the Puppy Bowl again instead.

  5. @Steph - Oh, I love the Puppy Bowl! And the kitten halftime show ;)

    When I first heard about this ad, I just rolled my eyes and thought, "So football has become another forum for anti-choicers. Figures."

  6. I think it's one of the biggest wastes of money out there. $3 million for 30 seconds? I wonder how many people they could have actually helped.

    By the way, there's a petition to CBS to not allow them to air the commercial. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/438866375

  7. You guys are hilarious, thank you for the comments! I love kitten halftime also :) And, Christian Prochoicer, thanks for that petition -- I added my name to it and sent it around, so hopefully that'll help a little.


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