Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stupid Things Antis Say

No prologue necessary. Sensitive antis: take a hike.

1. That baby could be the next Gandhi!

That baby could also be the next Jeffrey Dahmer or "Jersey Shore" cast member.

2. How would you feel if you were aborted?!

.....I wouldn't.

3. Pick on someone your own size!

Bring it on, similarly-sized anti.

4. Keep your legs closed!

Everyone has sex. Even priests. With small children.

5. Babies are miracles/blessings!

Not to the women who end up killing their children -- you know, somewhat less legal than abortion. Also, we all know where babies actually come from, and it can be pretty unmiraculous.

6. I will help you raise your baby!

No you won't. When have you even given your address and phone number to a pregnant woman for free child care? Oh right, you only give out that information about clinic staff so your anti friends can stalk them.

7. Your baby wants to see your face!

Eh. I'm not sure babies actually want to be born. It's a frightening experience for them. That's why they scream bloody murder. The real world is noisy and freezing.

8. I don't want my tax dollars to pay for abortions!

Yeah, well MY tax dollars pay for wars and bailouts for shoddy industries, but it's something I have to deal with.

9. I regret my abortion!

Your bad. Most women don't.

10. The government is Socialist!

Really? Awesome.


  1. I think a better response to number four is to remind the anti that a woman doesn't have to open her legs to have sex.

    It seems they're very ignorant to all the wonderful positions out there.

  2. Well said! I could say that about pretty much all of the posts over here, but I particularly like #10. :)

  3. 6, 8, and 10 are laugh out loud amazingness...thanks anti-anti


    Why do you hate people who stand up against this?

    I want you to think about how this can be prevented in the future. I'm not in attack mode, but you should ask your self what the pro choice movement has to do in order for us to a year with out a woman dieing from an abortion.



  5. Dear Abortioneers: Allow me, during this angst-ridden period in my life, to do the unthinkable: indulge an anti comment. Forgive me.

    Matt: You keep commenting, so I'll give you your 15 minutes.

    More women die each year during childbirth than they do during abortions. Many more. Abortion death rates are only high where abortion is illegal. More to the point, each and every medical procedure bears the risk of death.

    Idea: protest a cancer treatment center. Did you know that radiation therapy for cancer often CAUSES CANCER? There. I found you a new cause. Go make a sign.

    Pro-choice folks are not pro-malpractice, pro-ineptitude, or pro-death. UNDERSTAND THAT. It's sickening how Abortioneers are perceived as merchants of death, and you should be ashamed of yourself for the insinuation.

    That's all. Your comments will no longer be honored, at least not by Anti-Anti.

  6. Hey Matt, in the area I live, last year a girl died from an adverse reaction to general anesthesia during a simple tooth extraction procedure. I have yet to see any antis come protest that clinic. Why so?

  7. Steph and Anti-Anti, y'all are so right.

    Abortion-related maternal mortality where abortion is illegal: 330 deaths per 100,000 abortions
    Abortion-related maternal mortality where abortion is legal: less than 1 death per 100,000 abortions

    In the United States, the data is 0.4 deaths per 100,000 abortions compared to 9* deaths per 100,000 births. As a conservative estimate, abortioneers often say "overall, about eleven times safer than carrying a pregnancy to term" but really, the ratio we get here means the risk of death from abortion is *22* times lower!

    *(The overall maternal mortality ratio wavers between 8 and 11 per 100,000, depending on the year.)

    Safety of anesthesia is another controversial topic, actually, and I don't know the literature like the back of my hand as I do with abortion, but I went through a couple questionable articles and some legit epidemiology and it seems to be around 1 in 100,000 in the US (a tenfold improvement from the 1970s and a hundredfold from the 1950s!) -- but, again, I don't know the field so well.

    When it comes to blogging, I try to leave the stats to people like the Guttmacher Institute and the WHO, but it's what I look at in my spare time, so there you go.

    The really insanely frustrating thing, though, is the condescension involved in telling someone they ought to be spending their time doing something that they ALREADY DO, and that many people have been ALREADY DOING for DECADES, managing to achieve unbelievable improvements in the saving of women's lives in a relatively short period of human history. To say that to someone, and to say it as though you thought of something totally brilliant, just reveals that (a) YOU're not working on any of that brilliant work yourself, and (b) you never thought to find out if other people are. And therefore (c) this is a red-herring issue, because if it truly were central to your commitments, you would have looked it up already, or started doing it yourself.

    See for a practical distillation of these dedicated researchers' work, evidence-based best-practices for eliminating maternal mortality and morbidity from abortion.

  8. ...And that's why this blog shouldn't entertain ridiculous questions in the first place. Did you see how long my comment got?! Sorry.

    Also, haha, I said "the WHO" because I was going to spell out the-world-health-organization and then said oh screw it and acronymized (?) WHO except everybody knows you don't say "*the* WHO" unless you are talking about "My Generation" and 1960s BritRock. Also once I had a classmate who always called it "hoo" instead of "dubyuwaitcho" and it still makes me laugh. One of my older profs said that too. And "you-sayd" for USAID! Wow man.

  9. My young, healthy friend almost died from being pregnant. Why do you stand up for being pregnant? Yes, that's a silly question, but it's also silly to ignore the fact that abortion is MUCH safer than childbirth to try to make a point. And what are you doing to make pregnancy and childbirth safer?
    Anyone in the medical field knows there is always risk for complications, including death, with any surgical procedure. There is no such thing as a "routine" procedure, and good doctors and nurses never forget that. The fact that the mortality rate from abortion is so low is a testament to the professional care given by the doctors and nurses.
    Maybe if more hospitals would allow abortions to be performed there, the mortality rate from abortions would be even lower. But many people, maybe even you, don't want abortions performed in hospitals, so maybe you have some blood on your hands too. You don't want women to die, so if performing abortions in a hospital setting would reduce the mortality rate even more, why would you be against this? Abortion is a legal procedure, so you shouldn't be against anything thing that makes it even safer. Not if you truly care about women,

  10. LOVE.

    I also think it's very telling how Matt's comment is phrased. "I want you to" do this and "you should" do that. Classic.

  11. Thanks for having the courage, adn creativity, to create this site. They just hate your willingness to live your life outside their religious prisons. . .in the end just sour grapes on thier parts.

  12. Another answer to #1 would be: Spectacular political successes like Ghandi depend more on the situation than on the individual person. Sure, it has to be a hard-working, smart, dedicated person but there are lots of those! There'll be another Ghandi soon enough; the world doesn't need mine.

    If Einstein had been aborted, someone else would have done his work.

  13. ooh Anti-Anti, did I ever tell you about the time I was driving just an hour south of a large southern city and passed a billboard-size, hand-painted sign on the side of the road, with a multi-person speech bubble coming from the bottom and a thought bubble drawn from the top:
    below: "God, send us another Einstein, another Gandhi, someone to cure cancer."
    above: "I did but you aborted him."

    (PS: antis apparently are OK with aborting girl fetuses too, since only him's are of heroic use to society. It's only wrong if communists do it -- but we already knew they felt that way!)


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