Monday, January 11, 2010


Choice really is a beautiful thing.

I have met women that are struggling to conceive. And although the odds are against them, they have made the choice to continue with the long, challenging, expensive, and sometimes heartbreaking process. Their doctors support them and foster this decision.

I have met women that are very sick during their pregnancy. They have diabetes, high blood pressure, seizures, and/or blood loss. It may have been in their best interest health-wise to terminate the pregnancy, but they made the choice to continue. They fight for this pregnancy, a wanted pregnancy, even when it dramatically hurts their physical well being. Again, the providers stand by these patients with their decision, care for them, and do the best they can to help bring a healthy child into this world.

I have met women who are struggling financially, have no support, are in an abusive relationship, in danger physically because of the pregnancy, are not ready to be a mother and have made the choice to have an abortion. Their provider supports their decision* and provides them with unbiased information to help each woman make the best decision for her.

Choice is everywhere in healthcare and in women’s reproductive health. We need to support women, we need to listen to women, and most of all we need to trust women.

*I realize this isn’t always the case, but it should be.

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