Sunday, January 3, 2010

We will Persevere

A knitting needle
Plant Poison
A coat hanger
Dirty instruments

A bowl of soapy water
A syringe
A clean towel
A cheese grater
A bar of soap
A rag
A bottle of disinfectant

A Speculum
Antiseptic solution
Local Anesthetic
A thin tube
A handheld syringe

A Speculum
Antiseptic solution
Local Anesthetic
Cervical dilators
A cannula
Vacuum aspirator machine

A pill taken orally
A set of pills taken 24-72 hours later

An injection
A set of pills self administered vaginally 3-7 days later

Women have always found a way
The Jane Network
Women on Waves
Word of Mouth
Women helping women
Doing what we have to do

Vera Drake said, "I help young girls out, when they can't manage."
We are bound together as women
To relieve the fear the and desperation
in women's voices when they say,
"I can't keep it. I'd rather kill myself."

We have been persecuted
We have been imprisoned
We have had our rights taken away
We have fought
We have died
We have survived

We have each other
We have strength
We have love, and
We will persevere.

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