Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

A toast:

Here’s to a new year/new decade for reproductive freedom for all. I truly believe that this decade will be the decade that we make a powerful, lasting difference for all women, everywhere.

So many years of fighting, struggling for reproductive freedom. And believe me, we will not slow down. This next decade brings fire, compassion, and hope. Watching the public reaction to Stupak/Pitts shows me that our support is there, waiting, and ready for whatever barrier comes our way.

To the last decade, thank you. You, decade, have challenged me and educated me on what it means to be an activist, a medical professional, and an Abortioneer. Eight terrible Bush years have challenged my dedication to this cause. A new hope in Obama has proven that our struggle does not end and we cannot back down even when we are in the majority in all sectors of government. And the legacy and passion of Dr. George Tiller will not fade away with his murder.

I have learned that women are beautiful and strong. And that choice is personal, difficult, and necessary.

And most of all, I have learned that choice is worth fighting for.

Now raise your glasses. Let’s get ready for 2010, Abortioneers!

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