Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season (To Support Your Local Abortion Fund) :)

Around the holidays, most of us start thinking of presents we want for Christmas, gifts we are giving to others. Anticipating holiday parties, fun gatherings with those that we love, perhaps traveling somewhere to visit relatives.

Unfortunately, this time of year can be particularly difficult and trying for low-income women who are pregnant. Like most, they too are in the process of holiday shopping. Many of these women already have children and are already at or below the federal poverty line. They are already scraping by. Trying to make Christmas happen for their kids is going to be hard enough as it is. Plus, it's colder, so electric bills can be higher. The kids have a couple weeks off school which means daycare has to be found if she wants to work. The list go on.

On top of that, having an unwanted pregnancy. I have talked to women who had to pawn their kids' Christmas gifts to raise money to pay for their abortion. There is nothing more heartbreaking than listening to a woman cry because she cannot provide for her children, even at Christmas.

A glimmer of hope -- one way many of these women seek additional assistance is through local abortion funds. They can tremendously help out these women in very desperate situations.

Some funds that are worth your time (and money if you are so inclined) include:

The DC Abortion Fund

The Chicago Abortion Fund

Make A Difference Fund

National Network of Abortion Funds

Texas Equal Access Fund

Third Wave Foundation

And a bunch more here.

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  1. I passed this on with a link to Minnesota's own Pro-Choice Resources! Thanks.


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