Thursday, December 16, 2010

Common anti-choice bumper stickers and my responses to them

Because it's too cold to write anything of substance.

"Abortion stops a beating heart
Well, yes. Generally, that's the idea.

"Smile! Your mom chose life!"
I'll smile because she was able to CHOOSE, and if she had chosen otherwise, I wouldn't hold it against her at all, not to mention, I wouldn't have known the difference.

"Take my hand, not my life." (Accompanied by a photo of a fetal hand)
I'm not sure that's possible.

"It's a child, not a choice."
It's a fetus AND a choice!

"Choose life"
Wham! is back?!

"Abortion hurts women."
Wrong. YOU hurt women, douchebag.

"Adoption, not abortion"
You offering?

"Don't abort me!"
I won't, stock image kid, age 2.

"Pretend I'm a tree and save me!"
I don't want a tree growing in my uterus, either.

"I'm pro-life. Ask me why."
I'd imagine it's because you're a self-righteous, misguided misogynist asshole.

I think I need to stop now because I'm sick of Googling slogans to jog my memory.


  1. Lol at the Wham! reference.

    I will admit in my days as an anti that I always thought "Well why can't she just have the baby and put the kid up for adoption? It's only 9 months of her life." I was so naive but underneath that was the misogyny of "she made her bed let her lie in it." So even the "feel good" sayings have that underlying "you deserve to have to stay pregnant."

    I'm glad that I grew up and realized the world is not black and white as so many want people to believe.

  2. Thanks, I really needed the laugh this morning.

    I'm inspired to keep a pack of post-it notes and a sharpie with me from now on, if I see one of the stickers in a parking lot I'll leave them a nice little note. Mind if I quote you?

    Also, can you think of one for the "Pope Benedict says: Defend Life" sticker? I'm seeing that one everywhere lately.

  3. I also like "what if [famous person] had been aborted?" Usually people insert Einstein, to which I can't decide the better response--"then we might not have developed atom bombs" or "what if Hitler had been aborted?"

    or maybe nothing would be different at all. people are dumb.

  4. oh also this is annoying: (from the wiki page of Katherine Hamnett, the lady who designed the shirt in the pic)

    Hamnett has since expressed scepticism that t-shirt slogans accomplish anything concrete. While she now suspects that for some, the slogans are a substitute for action, a sceptic might wonder if, having served her for so many years, they are a marketing device. The "CHOOSE LIFE" slogan, which in the context of the day was directed at drug abuse and suicide, has since been misappropriated by the pro-life movement, even appearing on license plates in Florida and Alabama.

  5. This is probably my favorite post of the century. But I'm baffled that you wouldn't want to be inseminated with a tree embryo. It sounds like a good time to me!

  6. haha the tree one is my favorite! I could make jokes about wood here but I won't...

  7. Hi There,

    After a horrible night of insomnia in which I rehashed all the events of the entire day (it was _that_ kind of night) I realized that my comment in response to this post may have been confusing, and that in my attempt to illustrate my thought process as an anti, I might have come across as still being an anti! Yikes!

    Anyway, I understand if you therefore choose to ignore that post.

    I fully support all the work you do and wish I was as brave as you! Thank you for all you do:)
    Cheers, Kristen

  8. Kristen, no worries, we just had a lag in moderating today, as we sometimes do :)

  9. I think the stupidest one I've ever seen is "former fetus on board." Well duh. That's true of everyone'scar. It's as though the don't think that pro-choicers know that yes, everyone was at one point a fetus. That's not what's up for debate. The sticker would work better if it said "fetus on board"--of course, then he'd have to drive around with a pesky pregnant woman all the time for it to be accurate.
    Yeah, the antis' stickers aren't really very intelligent.


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