Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An abortioneer who will live in infamy

The postal clerk informed me that the holiday favorite at my local post-office is alllllways *the mother and child,* while blizzards that coincided with capitalism’s year-end, cash cow smothered the United States halting semi-sacred festivities and crazed travelers all over the place as if to say, mother knows best.

The Abortioneers are heartbroken to acknowledge the peaceful passing of Robin Rothrock—a divine mother and careful leader of the reproductive justice movement.

A water grrrl to the bone, Robin portrayed the utmost courage and dedication to reproductive health when she moved to landlocked Shreveport, Louisiana, to open Hope Medical Clinic for Women in 1980, in order to fill an inexcusable gap in abortion care for women of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

To complicate her stay, the state of Louisiana devised a plethora of anti-abortion hoopla year-in and year-out. Undeterred, Robin challenged filthy, mother-hating legislation by suing the state over twenty times. In her effervescent resilience, in-spite of obscene obstacles, she visualized a society which truly understood that mother doesn’t only
know best, she deserves to be holistically treated with dignity and respect.

A fine artist and genuine humanist, Robin was a constant source of magnanimous energy for reproductive health professionals. Always on the cutting edge of creativity, always a wellspring of invention, she single-handedly connected and inspired abortion care providers across the world when online social networking was merely for hackers.

Most importantly, I still remember her placid yet striking request to improve public discourse with the addition of one simple word, and I have agreeably abided by her suggestion ever since. Abortion CARE. We provide abortion CARE.

A true abortioneer when The Abortioneers were still receiving abstinence-only, grade school not-so-educations, Robin Rothrock will forever remain a pillar of sheer brilliance and spirited valiance in our minds, hearts, and the CARE we provide.

*Artwork entitled Swimming in Space, an original by Robin Rothrock

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  1. Wow. Many thanks to this woman and may her spirit be received with love and gratitude.


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