Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Abortioneers!

The Abortioneers is 2 years old.

On January 22, 2009, Placenta Sandwich kicked off The Abortioneers blog calling it "A Blog for Justice". The idea was to create a blog by pro-choice advocates truly working on the front lines of abortion - future abortion providers, health educators, clinic escorts, etc. In the field of abortion blogging, we are sorely lacking in those that have first hand knowledge of working in abortion care. I'm not saying that policy folks, journalists, academicians, and other non-clinical abortion rights workers and advocates aren't important to the movement, but people need to hear from those that work daily in abortion care. It's important to hear the truth about what abortion is and means to women.

Over the past two years we have touched on many things including the women we serve, the barriers to abortion care (financial, legal, geographic, etc), and our thoughts and feelings on the ever increasing restrictions. We've discussed how barriers affect women directly and the need for safe, legal, abortion care. We've also discussed how it affects us and our ability to help.

Here's to another year of open discussion of the truth about abortion. No more misconceptions, no more lies from antis, just the truth.


This is not a debate forum -- there are hundreds of other sites for that. This is a safe space for abortion care providers and one that respects the full spectrum of reproductive choices; comments that are not in that spirit will either wind up in the spam filter or languish in the moderation queue.