Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Letter to The Abortioneers Everywhere!

I love us, and abortioneers everywhere. This blog makes me feel good about what I do and what I believe in. When I've had a really long day and all I want to do it waste brain cells, it gives me something productive to think about. Then, when I read it I learn about laws, health, medicine, pregnancy, families and a lot more. I learned about one of my favorite spoken-word artists from About a Girl.

It's an outlet for thoughts not all people will necessarily understand, and commits me to writing in the public arena. It's kept me grounded in what I believe. After a short hiatus from abortioneering in my professional life, it's one reason I know I can go back. Abortioneers everywhere, on this blog and others, and those who rarely or never grace the Internet highways, are powerful women and people who make me feel proud and sure.

I went to visit a clinic in the town I'm currently living in. I'm considering a job there. It's a bit of a leap for me because I have not worked in a clinical setting. Most of the work I have done was through funding and even though I spent a lot of time dealing a women seeking abortion, I did not spend days learning the ins and outs of a clinical setting. It would be a whole new experience. It would mean facing the ills of protestors and even worse crazier antis. That part scares me, but I refuse to make a decision not to work in the field based on those fears. The women who run this particular clinic will be a much larger part of my decision than any fears.

Today I shared that I had a really long day. I guess long days happen in every professional setting. For a moment, writing tonight was just one more task I had to get done -- even though there is so much I could write about. Don't worry, I try to write all my ideas down.

Abortioneers almost everywhere seem to understand some very basic part of life that some people just can't get. We know that women are life-giving and thus are sacred. We know that we must trust each other.

P.S. Did I mention that I love us?


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