Monday, March 22, 2010

Abortion won't be sinking with this ship

Presumably, Congress and supporters let loose like unicorns doped on hope for the possibility of Extended coverage! Reduced deficits! Regulated insurance companies!

Certainly, we hope that our neighbors' health will improve two-fold when they access the expensive health care they need, that every human will now be an optimally healthy human. Yet, it is nearly impossible to imagine a bright and beautiful future where every woman and child is holistically treated throughout their lifespan when common, vital, and necessary reproductive health care was pitched with the bath water during this *revolutionary*, yet sloppy, reform.

Any local or national, abortion fund would be unhappy to connect our Congress with recipients of this poly-savvy hate. Though, we suspect the actual truth is far too complex for elected sociopaths to face. It may also cut-in to precious time allotted for schmoozing.

Every Abortioneer knows that many women pay for abortion care out of their own pocket. Whether Congress sets Abortion on a pedestal to stone her or to endear her with angel kisses of sheer gratitude, Abortion's heart will go on.


  1. I think the president is trying to say, choose your state wisely if you have a choice at all.

  2. I agree that we can all celebrate health care for our neighbors. I just wish that women who choose abortion services as part of their reproductive health care, would be equally covered, equally human, equally entitled.

  3. Tell Obama what you think. I just signed up and you can too. I used my actual email but my first name was "what about abortion" and my last name was "Coverage"

  4. Thank you for this, DOW.

    I really loved that Daily Kos article, too.



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