Thursday, March 26, 2009

We love abortion like we love babies

The darling, soft and joyful baby kept rushing toward my open arms...

Sunday afternoon.  You dawdled in civic square and I lamented this economic down-turned truth: those who love babies, those who hate abortions will, in fact,  seek termination and the resources to so.

Happy families enjoying the new, spring air, the sunshine, the breeze and blossom--will reconsider their once-fertile efforts. I know this because I have begun to navigate new and not-so-once-needy territory.

Oh, laughing and precious baby! How I love your mushy hands and pint-sized body. How I long to embrace your zest for life, your non-judgmental wish to hold my hands and bounce about. Thank goodness you are here and loved. Thank goodness you will go on to thrive. Thank goodness for your cuddly flesh. Thank goodness you come bearing divine gifts, the truth, a new kind of refreshing true love...

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