Monday, March 2, 2009

True love awaits

Imagine my horror to discover my reward was seventy male virgins last time I died and went to heaven. Imagine the mess. Imagine those who kill to deflower seventy virgins become your mother's backyard garden.Imagine a savior as the result of mutual and passionate love.

Thing is, the women are having different kinds of sex: consensual,respectful, joyous intercourse. One-time desire. Bored submission.Curiosity. Recreation. To not say, no. Downright rape. Occupation. To de-stress.

It is best to let nothing in the vagina for at least two weeks following the abortion. The cervix is slightly stressed and she is more susceptible to infection. No tampons, no penises, no fingers, no toys, no submerging in water. (This was a considerable challenge for a competitive swimmer in February once.) It can be a challenge for many women, scenarios spiraling around the kind of sex she's having. 

These days, an all-american abortion, will rarely rarely rarely effect a woman's ability to conceive again. The contents of her uterus are removed through modest manipulation and suction, her reproductive parts oblige. Her ovaries and his sperm go untouched. Where life begins.

Some women will intend to abstain following their abortion. Ashamed. Disillusioned. Discontent with that entire realm of life. Confused. Depressed. Thing is, abstinence is not necessarily 100% effective because it's not enjoyable but some women aren't enjoying sex. Furthermore, Abstinence-only isn't preventing unintended pregnancy. 

For the love of life and her beautiful working body, I will suggest she give herself pleasure. De-flower herself into a flowery field.

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