Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Abortion Run-In

What a day.

Decided to investigate my insurance coverage re: abortion. Like most women I've spoken to, it had never occurred to me just how an abortion would be paid for until it became a relevant part of my life. Sure, we all agreed that abortion was a fantastic right and if we ever needed one we'd pick up the phone and hop the next train to Abortion Land. But alas, the elusive middle-step always rears its head at the most inopportune moment: PAYMENT.

So I took a preemptive strike against the four-letter seven-letter word and checked out the internets for abortion providers covered by my insurance. Got a couple. All looked mighty fine with one group, except when I looked at their website there was no hint of the word "abortion". I checked again: maybe it was hidden somewhere so as not to offend their more upright clientèle? Nope. It was nowhere! My potential abortion doctors don't perform abortions! To make matters worse, I clicked on the link for pregnant woman to find this cheerful message: Congratulations on your pregnancy!

True Story! I will continue to investigate this further tomorrow, to see what's really going on. I guess I'll start putting away a few dollars into an emergency abortion piggy bank. Break in case of emergency.

And then...

On my way up the elevator back home, a sweet-looking older lady stared at my bag. I was only half paying attention when she asked me, "Which clinic?" After a few seconds I realized she was referring to the button attached to my bag, which proclaims "Jesus says this clinic stays open!" Now, I tend not to wear my beliefs on my sleeve, and I typically don't blabber about my political inclinations with people who don't know me. I wasn't quite sure what to say.
Did she know what the button was hinting at? Did she mind? I'm sure it was the "Jesus" that caught her eye to begin with; maybe she was religious. I had to come up with something to tell this lady so as not to break her heart. Should I watch my step, play it safe? Meh. I decided on an answer that I rarely give to perfect strangers: The Truth.

"Oh, just all abortion clinics in general."

"Oh! Well that works, too!"

Phew! Score one for Team Abortion.

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