Monday, February 6, 2012

The Voice of Choice

Anti-choicers get a lot of attention and often credit for being strong mobilizers for their agenda. They are able to get effectively get their fellow antis to spread the word about a campaign, a candidate, a protest etc. I always find it frustrating, annoying, you name it. Now the pro-choicers have shown that we are just as, if not more effective.

Recently, two high profile issues have come about and forced response and change from major corporations/organizations. First we had the issue with Siri, which was brought to light on this blog by Abortioneer Mr. Banana Grabber. Through social media, the pro-choice movement was able to get out the word, mobilize big-name organizations, and get the attention of national media. We didn't give up and were able to get a response from the CEO of Apple (and hopefully a solution).

Now, we have just had the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood debacle. Thanks to PP for outing the problem, pro-choicers again took to social media, got national media to write news articles and opinion pieces, and even got the attention of 26 US Senators who agreed that a "women's health organization" should care about women's health over politics. Very quickly Komen realized what a grave mistake they made and reversed their decision.

I am proud of my fellow pro-choicers for being strong, vocal, and persistent. Watch out antis. A new generation of pro-choicers are active, and we will fight every day, every campaign for the rights of women to choose for themselves what type of contraception is right for them, and whether abortion is right for them. The anti-choice lobby may have always been a strong one, but the pro-choicers are showing just how powerful we can be.


  1. Help stop harassment of law abiding providers and patients. Join Voice of Choice at to help defuse the intimidation and violence.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm embarrassed that I didn't personally know about you all, but I'm really excited you posted your website info. It's important for pro-choicers to speak up.


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