Sunday, February 5, 2012

Abortion, A Gift from God

I love the Super Bowl. Really, I do. While the general population curls up to watch larger-than-average men in tights pile-up on a field somewhere, there is a stillness outdoors, a vacancy on the streets, an unlikely but pleasant solitude.

I do also enjoy the rude, anti-abortion controversies that threaten everyone’s chip-dip and light-beer, good times. And by enjoy, I do mean, loath.

No doubt, Abortioneers can appreciate an aggressive, even extreme campaign for change. To prove this, we’ll share an extreme campaign that aims to change the state of pregnancy, motherhood, and (imagine this) working conditions around the world: Mispolis, Abortions for Successful Living.

While the content may be shocking, it is a parody designed to bring light to alllllll kinds of labor injustices. Alternatively, the shocking anti-abortion commercials desecrate a motherly sacrifice and exploit the loss of human life.

The biggest difference between anti-abortion Super Bowl commercials and Misopolis, however, is that you have a choice whether or not you wish to view our recommendation. It won’t appear without warning and it’s aimed at helping women, real women living and breathing on this round earth. Also, working their asses off. Also, having desire.

We know Randall Terry is a deprived man deeply afraid of sensual, assertive women. Just a tad psychotic, just a tad. We know he threatens the lives of every single Abortioneer. A godly devil, if you will, with way too much money and an army of dummies.

We’re wary of such sad beings, such losers, such beasts. But we’re not afraid. We know the world is getting smart.

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  1. I think this ad is a wonderful provocation. Those who wish to restrict and criminalize abortion take the tack that being anti-abortion is a-political, while being in favor of the ability to have a safe, affordable abortion is political, inappropriate, and an assault on religious freedom.

    The results of the now-accepted idea that anti-abortion is apolitical can be seen in health policy processes from US Health Care Reform (the progressive side only asked for "status-quo" at the outset, and what we got was less access to abortion) to the UN definition of reproductive health (access to health services that are "legal" are one's right, not health services that are safe and effective).

    What is sad is that the idea that a huge corporation like Diesel would ever direct their corporate philanthropy at safe abortion and safe working condition is just parody. We have come to expect corporations to endorse everything from teen pregnancy prevention to breast cancer to alzheimer's advocacy groups. This is considered a-political. But that isn't true- corporate giving may be palatable to many but it IS, in and of itself, a political act. A sick victory of the anti-abortion movement it that it has managed to somehow include its cause within this pseudo-charitable world.

    I hope ads like these help people think critically about where our issue is viewed in the popular eye. Women who get (and provide) abortions are still second rate, political activists that don't deserve a popular media forum for their issue- because everyone has bought into the idea that their abortion views (and experiences) are "private."

    But abortion is, in the end also a public, population, women, life thing. It is, like children, love, happiness, work, contraception, fertility services, health, and life's other fulfillments, a gift from god. A gift among many that we all deserve to avail ourselves of.


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