Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Also Effective Immediately: Abortion

I would guess Karen Handel’s about to go tell breast cancer’s secrets downstream where they don’t cry because they’re sociopathic; and live lies; and worship poppas, but their toilets do flush.

In week’s review, it’s endearing to watch people stand for accessible health care. Hundreds of thousands of patients remembered their roots and paid forward. Facebook blew up with hot pink everything. Top news lines questioned the scape-goating of Planned Parenthood health centers*. Mayor Bloomberg wrote a fatty check.

Meanwhile, most Abortioneers just kept working. Their donations made daily, care of their modest paychecks and additional hoops they navigate to stay safe (see also: last week's Staying Afloat ). It’s nice to know we have Planned Parenthood Federation of America to rally the country and collect the support, but victories and non-victories aside, we’re still hoping for the love for abortion.

Bright Light of Hope: On Prop 8 Decision, we love when people are seen as people

*Just in-case you forgot:

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