Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thinkin' bout love

Valentine's Day has got me thinking about love. I once read an essay about "love" by bell hooks. As a writer bell hooks has explored the complexities of love in ways I have never even considered. In a women's studies class at the age of 19 years old bell hook's analysis of love changed my outlook on dating, love, and partnership. bell hooks made the point that love is a choice, when people look at love as though it happens to them it can be destructive. Its important to stand in love rather than "fall" in love and be victimized by "love". hooks has written a book called All About Love, in this book she looks at people's desire for love and difficulty communicating about the subject. As a black feminist writer she has covered topics that are far beyond relationships and love but this is writer has touched my heart and made me think about what it means to love someone and to be in relationships with other people.

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  1. Better to stand in love rather than fall in love...I like it. What a great sentiment.


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