Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donate to Planned Parenthood in John Boenher's Name

If you haven't heard about the Republicans' attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, you can read about it here. In a nutshell, they are using the argument that since some Planned Parenthoods offer abortion services (even though no federal dollars are used for abortions or abortion related care), the federal dollars that Planned Parenthood does receive and use (for STD, cervical cancer, breast cancer screenings, etc) are thus tainted by affiliation.

It is perfectly ridiculous and complete bullshit. All they are doing is disenfranchising millions of women and men from important health services.

In an effort to combat this, a wonderful movement has been started.

Donate to Planned Parenthood in John Boehner's name. You can donate as little as $5. The fun part: when you do you, John Boehner will receive a card in the mail letting him know a contribution was made to Planned Parenthood on his behalf. Hee hee hee!! They have a page set up on Facebook as well to help track how many people have participated.

I think this is a great idea not only to support Planned Parenthood, but also to let the Speaker of the House know that you do not agree with his policies. Every little bit makes a difference! Think -- if every person who has used Planned Parenthood services donated $5 in Boehner's name, he would get MILLIONS of cards. The movement would surely gain traction in the media, and help demonstrate that American citizens want and need Planned Parenthood services.

Other things you can do to help out Planned Parenthood at this time:

1. Sign their petition to let House Reps and Senators know that you do not support HR1
2. Share your story about how Planned Parenthood provided a service for you in a time of need.

The fact of the matter is, this legislation has already passed in the House and the best way to ensure it does not pass in the Senate is to make your voice heard. As the saying goes: Well-behaved women rarely make history and women who don't speak up for their right to health care will invariably get it taken away.

Also, I made this:

hi john


  1. I have followed you on Twitter for a long time. May I just say: I love you.

    (I also love your sparkly poster. LOL.)

    BRB running over to donate in Boehner's name and then spread the word to absolutely everyone I've ever met....


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