Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One of Those Days

Sometimes you have those days at work where mostly good things happen. These days are rare. Especially in Abortionland. We often struggle and fight just to get women access to basic services. I often think to myself, “blood, sweat and tears – quite literally – and it’s only 11am.” Today wasn’t one of those days, though. Today was one of those gleaming good days.

The universe seemed to be aligned – or something – with our sunny little patch of Abortionland. The woman who drove six hours last week to the clinic (only to get turned away because she didn’t have enough money), managed to make it back for her abortion and get the funding she needed just an hour before her procedure today. The 19 year old single mom from out-of-state whose pregnancy was a result of rape, arrived on time, but with her two little toddlers (we don’t allow children in the clinic); yet, surprisingly, after we explained the situation to the hotel, they allowed the client’s driver to check-in with the children six hours early! (Bonus: I got to color with those two children for a while in the waiting room as we were trying to sort out the hotel issue. My stars were a big hit.) Today, our staff shined. Coffee - with real creamer! – was in abundant supply. Smiles abound.

Morning swiftly turned to afternoon and I had the rare occasion to speak with two abortioneers in different parts of the country. This lovely fall day didn’t seem like it could get much better until I got to actually talk with one of our rock stars. One of our celebrity doctors. Oh, how I swooned! Have you seen that commercial where they show the co-inventor of the flash drive walking down an office corridor, people in business attire are falling all over each other and wanting autographs, and they say something like “our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars?” Okay, seriously: it was like that. I felt privileged and honored (I am not someone who gets all worried about titles and stuff) to speak to one of our super heroes: Dr. Carhart. And yes: he’s super nice. Are you jealous?

Today was a good day.


  1. That commercial sounds hilarious - I've never seen it. So glad you had a good day though, you deserve it! <3

  2. I feel that way about people in HIV. Dr. Gallo, mmmm.....

  3. What a fantastic day! Here's to more!

  4. Hm, isn't Dr. Gallo reputedly a dick?


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