Thursday, March 31, 2011

Abortioneering Parent? Or Soon-to-be-Parent? Or Someday, Might Wanna Be a Parent?

...if you answered yes to any of those questions, you've (hopefully), come to the right post. Those of us who are parents and who are abortioneers have different slants on the realities of direct service work from those of our non-breeding abortioneer friends. What, you ask? For starters, security/safety issues (parents are directly responsible for their little ones so when, say, bomb threats occur or you get threatened by a protester, it gets more complicated. Enter: Mama Bear). Other typical concerns are how NOT to get outted to neighbors, your kids' teachers, the PTA, and so on. Getting outted is no fun for anyone; however, with children, there are additional implications for them (being treated differently by teachers, peers, their coaches).

So, I want to do a twice monthly series called...."The Yummy Mummy's Guide to Abortioneering." Until interest dies off, I'd write about some of these topics that impact us as parenting abortioneers. Any interest? If so, comment to this post, on FB, Twitter, take our poll, whatever. Let me know of any particular issues you'd want me to bring up/discuss.

Let me also just state this disclaimer: though I am a parent, I am by no means pronouncing myself as expert in all things parental. Far from it. I will speak from my own personal experience and bring up topics that I hear other parents talk about and will ask for your thoughts, too! The point is to interact.

Must rush now. It's storytime in this house: The Cat in the Hat is on demand tonight.

Much love!

PS: If you think the Yummy Mummy title is a bit too non-inclusive and have a more inclusive thought for a title, hit me up.


  1. I was going to take the poll but none of the options fit me so here's my vote:

    I'm not a parent or an abortioneer, but one day I hope to be both and I'd love to read about how the two go together.

  2. I am not a parent (yet); I do plan to have kids at some point and I'm definitely interested in reading this series!

  3. This doesn't pertain to the provision of abortion services but I'd love to hear your thoughts on how and when and what with regard to abortion as part of educating my children on sexual health and life in general.


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