Saturday, December 5, 2009

chestnuts roasting on an open blog

So I'm grappling with some homework on a chilly Saturday evening, but I always have a minute for something thoughtful and abortiony. Look what I just read: the "Five Stages of Grief" as applied to clinic escorting.  This was a really thoughtful way to look at how clinic escorts experience the stress and disillusionment of angry confrontation.  Also, sidenote, it made me like the Golden Girls even more! No, really. I Remember Exactly Where I Was...when I heard Bea Arthur had died.

(..At an abortion providers' conference, actually, where an afternoon speaker on "abortion in the media" recalled Arthur's great portrayal of deciding to have an abortion in the 1970s TV show Maude, and how different it was from what you see today.  RIP, you clever deadpan sarcastic hulking lady!)

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