Thursday, December 31, 2009

We'll Pray for You

2009 was a zig zag.

The Obamas entered the White House and everyone danced pretty with a bohemian newness not yet felt as if we'd been sleeping for years. But then Abortion went to war and it was never a maypole, field day to begin with. A deranged man abandoned his family and killed our doctor so dozens of doctors expanded their specialty--the Hippocratic Oath lulling them to sleep at night and maybe women will have to set up lemonade stands to pay for their basic health care but abortion lives on.

You can tell us that you don't believe in it, that you'd never have one, that you're pro-choice but-, that we need to repent, that you pray for us, that there are alternatives. You can tell us we're wrong. You can make women register their abortions with an online database and teens cross state lines to not have babies. You can threaten us with bombs and tie-up our phones lines. You can video tape your appointment. You can talk shit in People magazine and on Bill O' Reilly.

Tell us abortion isn't health care and make it illegal.

2009 was a zig zag but in 2009 The Abortioneers were born and in 2010 we'll be born again.

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  1. I <3 this post so hard! Thank you all for this blog and this year :)


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