Monday, October 19, 2009

a note

To our readers,

We have been keeping something from you. It’s true. But once we explain ourselves, I don’t think you’ll be mad at us.

Along with your beautiful, thoughtful comments, we also receive hateful, psychotic, nonsensical comments from those that oppose a woman’s right to choose or so vehemently support it. They range from radical anti-choice to radical pro-choice. Within our Abortioneers blog community, we have gone back and forth between posting these comments for our general audience and reserving them for our eyes only.

In the end, we have decided the following, although this is subject to change:

· We will block comments that are threatening, insulting, scathing, angry, religiously or politically charged, or otherwise counterproductive to the purpose of the blog, which is for information and sharing.

· We will allow comments that respectfully disagree, ask questions non-rhetorical in nature and allow for thoughtful discourse, may refer to anti resources that are academic in nature, or present personal views without generalizing.

So if you don’t like these policies….well, frankly, we don’t care. This blog is for people in the direct abortion service profession, those that live and breathe this work every day and need an outlet, a safe place.

It’s not for the antis. It’s not for the old angry man with an enlarging prostate who would like to see nothing more than women forced into a pregnancy and lose all control of their body and rights. It’s not for other people in the medical profession who clearly put their own beliefs selfishly in front of their patients’. It’s not for the pro-choicer who thinks violence should be answered with violence. It’s not for the CPC fanatic who promises to help you raise your baby if you don’t get that abortion, but leaves you only with a bag of pampers and a “good luck” nod.

If you want a good argument about whether or not women deserve a choice when it comes to their reproductive health care, you can go somewhere else. This is not the venue.

But to the antis out there, who feel so compelled to continue your hate filled/non-productive/thoughtless comments, please do. We usually end up talking amongst ourselves of their ridiculous nature and having a good laugh, which only brings us closer and reminds us of why we love our work. So thanks.


This is not a debate forum -- there are hundreds of other sites for that. This is a safe space for abortion care providers and one that respects the full spectrum of reproductive choices; comments that are not in that spirit will either wind up in the spam filter or languish in the moderation queue.