Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A means to an end

Abortion, abortion, abortion
Pregnant pause
I’m pregnant.
I can’t help but think about pregnancy.
Why, because it happens, because it is, it is what is life, it is what is happening, really it is what happens.
Typically the only option is not really optional because
the grass is always greener on
the other side.
Abortion is what is. It is not why, but because.
Abortion is not war it is the product of war.
War on my body, war on my soul.
War on my sisters' bodies, black bodies, really all bodies.
But sometimes the wounds run a little, or a lot, deeper when your body is black.
Or brown, or any color but white.
It's really safe and rather painless or painful for some.
It's not the reason for pain but a result of pain.

Recently, I met with a professor. Let me begin by saying this woman is an amazing professor. Of all the things I learned in 17 + years of schooling, I tend to refer to nuances she taught me rather often. She is objective and smart and saw potential in people. She also challenged people. Of all the teachers I had in college I wanted to have lunch with her before leaving my college town. I emailed her and said something like:

Hi Amazing Professor,
I am still here in collegetown and working in abortionland. However, I will soon be relocating back home and I would like to know if you will be a reference for me?

When she responded stating she would be my reference I asked if we could have lunch. So, we scheduled lunch and she made turkey sandwiches. She packed us a wonderful lunch full of little goodies that really only a mom might think of. We showed pictures of babies we love, and I told her about another student who now has 2 children, one of whom is my godchild.

Eventually, she brought up my work; she proceeded to tell me that she is against abortion. She said that when students comes to her stating they need an abortion, she tells them that she does not agree with abortion and whatever choice they make they should speak to a counselor so that it does not haunt them in 10 years. She was the most objective anti I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. I don’t think abortion haunts women 10 years later, maybe a woman every once in a while, but no, most women have had a few more pregnancies to contend with in the course of 10 years.

She followed up her self-identification as an anti by stating she just wished we lived in a world where women didn’t feel they needed abortion.

I don't really think this kind of utopia is possible. Even if it were, don't you think something so seemingly perfect probably isn’t perfect at all?

Abortion is not a means. It’s an end.


  1. I said woohoo out loud when I was finished reading this. well done. My hands are in the air and I'm jumping up and down on common ground with you. There will always be a woman who wants an abortion and that's just fine.

    Miss you, Sparky!

  2. Amen...I was so happy to read this- at first it read like a poem...great sharing.


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