Thursday, October 22, 2009

I’m pro-choice but…I’m pro-choice but…I’m pro-choice

There are several incredible and ongoing reasons why we call ourselves The Abortioneers.

Primarily: This is a blog about providing abortion.

We recognize we’re telling our secrets to the Worldwide Web. (We also recognize where you’re coming from.)

Everyone is welcome to their experiences and beliefs regarding abortion but this is not an open forum where all sides have equal footing or there is common ground to be found. We don’t believe that women who feel traumatized by abortion are actually traumatized by abortion more so than by living in a society where there is no room for them to air their entire truth.

We wish we could make it better but the anti-abortion monster truck engine makes it nearly impossible. We're making advancements for women's health care like molasses.

We don’t think shallow, snide comments and lousy prayers save a thing. We’d suggest haters walk a mile in our shoes but we’d never hire them and we will not worship Jesus Christ in unison until he needs an abortion.

Note: Even Abortioneers sometimes have exceptional gripes. The Daughter of Wands will not be publishing negative comments, manipulative questions or virtual punches in the face of any kind.


  1. Hang tough. This space is a valuable one. We will power through.


This is not a debate forum -- there are hundreds of other sites for that. This is a safe space for abortion care providers and one that respects the full spectrum of reproductive choices; comments that are not in that spirit will either wind up in the spam filter or languish in the moderation queue.