Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I was reading a while ago and stumbled upon this article. I actually find articles like this kind of funny -- well, funny and annoying. I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, and in this case some of th opinions are pretty heated because abortion is such a volatile issue. I understand that, and I can live with people disagreeing with me on this issue. I don't even know if I'm all that bothered by the fact that they disagree with me. In this case, it's the judgment that pisses me off. Because, in this case, antis don't just think abortion is wrong, but they judge people who are pro-choice, and they really judge the women who have abortions.

It's funny to me how someone can make a judgment about whether something is right or wrong, not really knowing anything about it, until they have to go through it themselves. I don't know how many women I have talked to that tell me they never believed in abortion until they were faced with an unwanted pregnancy themselves. There are also the women who tell me throughout the process how wrong it is, for someone else that is, but their situation is different.

I wonder of the women polled for this article, how many of them will be faced with an unwanted pregnancy in the future and will choose abortion. Will they be happy that thanks to legal abortion in this country, they were able to access safe medical care? Will they be happy they didn't have to resort to trying to cause an abortion themselves, like women did pre-Roe? Or will they get their safe abortion, and then go back out and demonize abortion, and the doctors and staff who helped them?

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