Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Secret Keepers

We don't strap women to tables and violate them. We walk them through a medical process. When I speak to a woman and reassure her that if she wants to keep her pregnancy, then she should, I feel most effective. I know that I can walk women through safe medical procedures. I know that I can answer questions and offer a compassionate ear. When I help a women think and decide to wait a week until her abortion or not to have one I know I do my job well. My job is to help that woman reflect on her own thoughts and life. I do not make any decisions for her, I answer medical and logisitical questions and then I help each woman reflect on what she needs not what I think she needs.

I often feel like my job is to be people's secret keepers. I don't believe you can put a face on who gets abortions. All different kinds of women from all walks of life grace the doors of clinics across the country. As an abortioneer, friends and family members seek information from me consistently.
As an abortioneer I am a secret keeper who helps women reflect on their own lives and needs. People who claim to be radically against abortion might assume or pretend we are evil people who enjoy human suffering. But, really abortioneers every where are the best kind of people. We are people who know how to listen rather than just hear. We are the kind of people who know how to set aside our own judgments and opinions so that someone else can make a decision about their own life.

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