Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was surfing the web, thinking about all that is going on in the world of abortion that I can talk about. And  I stumbled upon a website called Bump the Show. This is a fictional web show that follows 3 women and their unintended pregnancies. The idea is to watch as they make the decision on whether they will carry their pregnancies. The viewers then go on their web boards and have discussions about the show, its characters, and what they think these women should do. The viewers actually influence the direction of the show, and ultimately the decisions these women will make.

W. T. F.

Really? What are the producers of this show thinking? And watching this show, makes me think they have never actually spoken to any women who are struggling with an unintended pregnancy if they think that this is realistic.

One of the things I found most off putting while watching the pilot episode is something one of the women said during her interview with the producers. "I think it's a really interesting experiment." "It's a really big decision, and so to have so much input into it, is a really interesting idea." --Umm, what? I have talked to many pregnant women struggling with this decision, and I can't imagine any of them would react this way. Now, I understand this show is dramatized -- it is fictional, after all. But come on.

The producers of this show say the purpose is to have an open conversation about abortion and (my favorite part) "find workable solutions to the problem of unintended pregnancies". I get that this is a way of having communication on the abortion debate. I just wonder how successful it will be, and if the conversation will really be about abortion, or the way the show is presented. Also, I don't get how this show will help find any solutions to unintended pregnancies. I guess we'll have to watch to find out.

*As of the writing of this blog post, I am trying to watch the 2nd episode. My uncooperative internet is making that difficult.*


  1. My un-cooperative attitude made it difficult. I got through the first 3 minutes of the first episode. I trust this blog and Jezebel to point out if anything of note comes out of that idea.

  2. i see they're already asking the audience; do they get to phone a friend?

  3. On the new reality series, Justice In Da House!, the fate of suspected murderers will be decided by the viewers. Will they live, get life, get set free? Will the voters even hear the testimonies over their iPods? Is this the beginning of the end (of our society)? Premieres on Fox, this fall ;)

    Although, why do people agree to this crap? Are they that desperate for fame?

  4. Ha, Oday. Well, in this case I think it's one of those shows scripted to look like a reality show? (Like Trailer Park Boys or um The Hills maybe? except also with the audience voting fetuses off the island...oh no, now I'm mixing my similes.) Anyway, it's all very Meta and Deep! But yes, it would certainly be a good question for the "pregnant participant" characters -- why would you go on a show to get 'input' on your pregnancy?

  5. Hahaha Anti-Anti, you forgot "50/50"! (What is the 4th option??)

    Also, don't they call them "lifelines"?

    Hoo boy, we crack me up!

  6. I think Oday has a point about the ridiculousness that "shows" in our society are coming to. I thought this one particularly ridiculous because having people vote on such a serious, personal decision trivializes it. They make it look like it's no big thang.

    Not sure if I'll try rewatching the second episode.

  7. Wow--I also think it's sad--the turn the Anti-Choice movement has taken, their subtle jabs at the same women they wish to pretend to elevate as mothers. The truth is, ALOT, of women allow SEVERAL non-personal opinions to sway their pregnancy and child-bearing experiences. If I'm not mistaken, the origin of this concept of outsider-coercion is the foundation of several monotheistic religions, ie. God is actually choosing your life for you and you are just *his* earthly pawn...

  8. Oops! Sorry--you are his *righteous, wondrous, uniquely you, and loved* pawn

  9. daughter of wands, that's a really good point. It's not like pregnant women aren't constantly juggling various and oft-contradictory "input" from family, friends, neighbors coworkers bosses social-workers pastors, strangers on the street, strangers on the billboards, strangers in the superbowl ads...

  10. I mean sure, many women get advice from various people and consider a lot when making this decision. But the idea that we can watch this show and have input into someone else's life like this (even if it is fictional) is ridiculous to me. And I think it trivializes how difficult a decision this really is.


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