Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Change of Heart

Last Saturday, the sun was rising after days spent hidden behind an ominous country of clouds, and the air was chill, but spring was settling-in, and I was strolling to clinic, watching the sun, crossing the once-snow-torn streets, and listening to Everything I fell briskly into a pothole the size of a dinosaur’s print. My ankle blew-up to the size of a small uterus, so I took the bus to work instead of hobbling between trains.

The protestors tend to pray in-front of their giant posters of adult-size, gruesome pregnancy porn where the bus stops--I pulled the Stop Request cord, took a deep breath, humbly thanked the driver, humbly thanked the bus, and beyond the roaring god-have-mercies, I caught the eyes of the woman I see every Saturday from afar as I walk an elaborate round-about-way in order to avoid their wave of nauseating, anti-abortion possessive evil.

I caught the eyes of the woman who liked to ask me if I’d like to talk about my alternatives to helping women kill their babies. I thought of Sarah Palin and how pretty she is with all of her kids. I thought of Easter Sunday and bonnets and bunnies and the lord’s everlasting forgiveness and his finger always pointing me in the right direction when I let Christ into my heart.

I had an ancient memory of all my cuddly children of lives past and felt the potential of thousands of babies before me. (The women I'd spent years truly listening to never occurred to me at all.) My abortion spirit left me, so I embraced my otherwise regular stalkers and took a packet of cross-clad pamphlets and embarked on my new life’s calling to prey on incoming cars with the single-handed mission to stop abortions.


PS. The part about falling into the pothole is darn true, but it only made me love abortion more as I contemplated whether I could walk while resting on the curb.

Plus, check-out why I’d rather be an April fool than a March lamb:

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  1. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me. Boy, I am gullible. XD

  2. Wonderful!
    I somehow imagined your spirit floating out of your body at the point where, I figured out later, the story took a turn into the unreal. I suspected a trick up your sleeve!


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