Sunday, May 13, 2012

From an abortioneer and mother, on Mother's Day

At last count, 61% of women accessing abortion care in the US have given birth one or more times. (It's unclear whether the proportion has shifted lately due to the ongoing suckage of the economy, and if so, in what direction.)

Nancy Stanwood, an OB/GYN who sees women through all kinds of pregnancies (whether those are healthy or high-risk, whether they will end with abortion or miscarriage or stillbirth or live birth), has written a post for Mother Jones that describes the mothering decisions her patients have made in seeking abortion care. Here's a taste:
I became a mother seven months ago. By giving birth, I feel I made a solemn promise. I will be responsible for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of this beautiful little creature for the next 18 years and beyond. I will put her needs first, I will always think about her welfare, I will make sacrifices for her.

This is the promise we celebrate on Mother's Day. Many women keep this promise by having abortions.

Right on. I hope you'll go read the whole thing, as it's not too long and plenty powerful: In the Shadow of Mother's Day.

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