Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Strength in Numbers

Looking for a do-gooding exercise? I want to re-introduce you all to Todd Stave, founder and director of Voice of Choice. For those who don't know, Todd Stave is the landlord of Dr. Leroy Carhart, abortion provider in Germantown, MD. Dr. Carhart used to work with Dr. Tiller before things got cray in the abortion world.

I joined VoC last fall, and I recommend it! Stave is just a dude who was minding his own business when he got swept into the fight. And, instead of avoiding it, he took it to the streets! Many of VoC's activities include beating the antis at their own game, calling them at their homes and reminding them, politely, that their behavior will not be tolerated. I am officially inducting Todd Stave into the Awesome and Crushworthy Abortioneers Hall of Fame.

I want to share with you an appeal from Stave about the need for more volunteers to fight back against the nutsos who showed up at his daughter's school. Please consider joining VoC and giving back. I need three friends to join, and I consider my readers friends! Well, the pro-choice ones anyway.

Dear Supporters and Volunteers,

Everyone I have heard from seems to be very excited about the idea of a database to share information surrounding the war on women's rights. I am working with a dedicated team to build the infrastructure and publish information we already have about people who are fighting to eliminate our rights.

While we have not reached our financial goal of $50,000 to build and maintain the database, we are well on our way. Thank you to everyone who has (or plans to) donate to this cause.

In order to be more effective we need more eyes and ears on the street. We need more people to let our legislators know how we feel. We need greater strength when we are called to help a doctor or clinic worker who has fallen victim to the harassment of anti-choice groups.

Every one of us has friends and colleagues that share our values and views on keeping our pro-choice rights and fighting the intimidation tactics employed by people who don't. Please ask them to sign up as a "volunteer" for Voice of Choice.

As you know, the level of participation in each project is completely up to you. You can remain anonymous if you wish. There is no cost. There is no obligation to participate if you are too busy or just don't want to.

Signing up as a volunteer will provide Voice of Choice a means to communicate with all of our supporters when we need to take action and will help us show law makers and activists on both sides that our voice is loud and strong.

Please make it a goal to get 3 of your friends and contacts to sign up as a volunteer on the Voice of Choice website. Please ask each of them to do the same for 3 of their friends. The names collected are held in the strictest of confidence and will never be sold. In fact, we do not even need full names or real names. We need a just a good email address and a willingness to join our fight.

One final request for now: if any of you write blogs or have websites or Facebook pages, please link Voice of Choice ( to your sites.

Thanks again for your support.

Todd Stave, Director

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  1. Wow - cool. FYI - a national action is happening against all this on April 28. Unite to end the War on Women is a grassroots movement that sprung up in light of all the legislation. A march/rally is planned in every state capitol. Good resource to connect with and table at!! Get involved in your local march!


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