Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Art and Abortion

I love the arts and I love abortion work. As I was trying to find some obviously pro-choice artists and artwork, I came across the following. If you're an art lover - and an abortioneer - hopefully you'll appreciate these!

Pro-Choice Resources in Minnesota had a silent art auction in 2008. Some of the pieces were quite wonderful, as you can see...

Eye Candy, I know! I also came across a very interesting Irish installation artist, Cathy Wilkes. In 2008, she had a piece called "We Are Pro-Choice."



  1. If it's not too gauche to promote my own work, I've also done a couple of pro-choice pieces:



    My Body Isn't Mine

  2. There was also this, I don't know that she declared her self "pro-choice" as part of the message of the piece, but it definitely created conversation around abortion.

  3. Have you seen "4000 Years for Choice"? Great art and very informative at the samee time:


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