Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Far

It kinda sucks when someone is too far to be seen at the clinic and you have to turn them away. Of course, lots of effort goes into ensuring she can see another provider; but sometimes that means the patient has to wait several days or travel a long distance (possibly even out of state) to be seen. Work schedules get rearranged – again. Childcare rearranged – again. Driver’s schedule rearranged – again. Extra costs ensue: additional abortion fees; gas/train/bus/plane money; hotel fees; costs of missing work (both financially and also potentially risking termination for attendance issues); emotional costs of making all these changes in plans and waiting and hoping she won’t be too far – again.

Thankfully , there are lots of advocates and funds out there who will help clients obtain abortions under these stressful and disappointing situations. We Abortioneers are so grateful to funds like NAF, NNAF, EMA, WRRAP, TEA Fund, and CAIR who help women still have access to abortions.

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  1. Thank goodness for some more help but still, I know, a devastating feeling to be in that particular room at that particular moment. And know... all could change.


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