Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you have that pill?

The abortion pill has been available the entire 6 years I have worked in abortion provision, in fact its been available for 10 years today! It seems to have become more prevelant over the past few years as the technology has aged. Personally, I don't think I would make the choice to take the pill if I needed an abortion, I like to get anything uncomfortable over with as quickly as possible. When women ask about the pill as though it might be as simple as taking ibuprofin for a headache I try to explain to them they will go through essentially what is a miscarriage at home.

I have friends who have taken the pill who have had very intense experiences and others who say its no harder than a heavy period. After taking mifeprex patients generally take cytotec or misoprostol orally or vaginally and then expel the pregnancy tissue. Patients should expect to experience intense cramping and heavy blood clots. Its an abortion that takes place in the privacy of one's home and for women in challenging or abusive relationships they are able to tell their partner or family it was a miscarriage if needed. The pill or combination of pills used to induce an abortion in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy have revolutionized access to early pregnancy termination in the United States and abroad.

Most recently, clinics in Iowa have began to revolutionize distribution of the pill through telemedicine. Women across the United States don't have access to local providers and this might be one answer to helping women access safe care early on in their pregnancy. I'm pretty amazed by this technology and I hope it can spread to other areas, particuarly rural areas. Women need access to safe abortion and if telemedicine is part of the answer to that necessity I'm all about it.

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  1. I'm still a little wary of people getting drugs online or over the phone; it's harder to ensure that women will follow the protocol properly, and seek medical opinions. But I guess desperate times etc.

    I'm not sure I'd be game for MA. I don't like surprises, e.g. massive bleeding and cramping sneaking up on me. But I recall some patients that had insisted on it, and I suppose there's something nice about being in the comfort of your own home during an uncomfortable time.


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