Monday, September 27, 2010

May you relish your free time at your retirement home in heaven

Today The Abortioneers would like to dedicate your attention to Dr. William Harrison--a deeply passionate and exceptionally skilled obstetrician who dedicated his life to serving women and families of the Midwest. It is with heavy hearts and tinging uteri that we contemplate the passing of Dr. Harrison and the closing of an Arkansas clinic where patients received the full spectrum of reproductive care.

As an active member of the ever-small (and decidedly dwindling?) abortion-care community, Dr. Harrison was never short on powerful and compassionate insight. You can read about his experiences as an abortion warrior at Fayetteville Women's Clinic website. Notably, in Why I Provide Abortions, Dr. Harrison describes an encounter as a third-year medical student with a 40-plus-year-old woman, a poverty-stricken mother of several children, in 1967, who upon discovering another pregnancy, poignantly lamented: "Oh God, doctor, I was hoping it was cancer."

We are comforted by Dr. Harrison's prevailing faith and inspired by a legacy he conscientiously ensured almost to the very day that he died.

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  1. It is indeed, with heavy hearts that we honor Dr. Harrison's compassionate care for women, his steadfast courage in the face of zealots, and his commitment to speak out. And while the statistics you offer are sobering, I am optimistic that Medical Students for Choice will continue the much needed comprehensive reproductive health care for women.


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