Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Money, money, money

It's been a while since we've had a fund spotlight, and many funds are really hurting right now. As I'm sure many if not all of you know, abortion funding is a real problem in this country. Federal funding for abortion care is outlawed due to the Hyde Amendment, a law that has been renewed annually since its inception in 1976. There are 15 states that, by law, fund some abortion care through their state Medicaid program. Some of these Medicaid programs are better than others but none of them go far enough. It's difficult to qualify for Medicaid, it can take a lot of time, and not all women know how to adequately advocate for themselves through the government "red tape".

This is where private abortion funds step in. There are abortion funds throughout the country, some that help women nationally and some that help women in a local area. These funds do the best they can, working hard to fundraise as much as possible. However, due to their extremely limited resources they have to restrict who they can fund money to and how much they can give per person. This leaves many women out of luck. Right now many, probably most, of these funds are in dire straits and desperately need help to continue on.

National Funds - those that help women across the country.

The Make a Difference Fund is 100% volunteer run and all of the money they raise goes to help women.

The 3rd Wave Foundation runs programs aimed at women and transgender youth, 15-30 years old. One of the programs they run is an abortion fund for women in need under 30 years old.

The Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project
. They help women of all ages going to clinics that are part of the National Abortion Federation and/or the National Coalition of Abortion Providers.

Local Funds

There are too many local funds for me to fairly list them here, but the local funds are in particular need of help. They help women in a specific state or part of a state and often work very closely with the clinics in their area. Because they're local, fundraising can be more dificult, particularly if they are located in a more conservative area. Visit the National Network of Abortion Funds to find a local fund near you that you can help.

I know times are tough for everyone, but these funds need our help. Nothing is too small, even $10 a month would go a long way.


  1. Don't forget about the Hersey Abortion Assitance Fund ( in Minnesota. The only national fund located in the Midwest! Thanks for your continued support for highlighting the important role national and local abortion funds plan in advancing the goal of reproductive justice for all.

  2. Nikki, you're right. Hersey is also acts as a local fund for women in MN, SD, and ND, but I forgot that they also have limited national funding. I love abortion funds and the hard work of those that run/work for them!

  3. The Jane Fund in MA and the Aphrodite Access Fund in NY also do some limited national funding.

  4. Yeah bthny, I think a lot of local funds do some national of the many reason I think they're AMAZING.


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