Sunday, November 15, 2009

The name of this organization has often conjured images of abortioneers lined like soldiers fighting the war on abortion in my head.

But alas, the National Abortion Federation is a non-profit organization best-known for its annually-updated clinical policy guidelines, and certifiable quality-assurance among independent abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood facilities across the US and Canada.

Furthermore, their national, toll-free, hotline counselors offer compassionate, unbiased, factual information about abortion care.

Looking for a quality abortion clinic? You may choose to start your search here.

You may be surprised to find that Blue Mountain Clinic in Montana was built, staffed, and rebuilt by Missoulans to provide high-quality medical care to women, men and children. As a fully service family medical practice, they treat illnesses and injuries of all types. They provide integrated western medical and complementary alternative therapies including acupuncture, Chinese medicine and mental health counseling.

Or that Curtis Boyd, M.D., P.C. in New Mexico has been providing pregnancy termination services in New Mexico since June 1972, shortly after abortion services were legalized in New Mexico. Dr. Boyd worked closely with Clergy Consultation for Problem Pregnancies, a national organization to provide safe medical abortion and he was one of the first physicians to provide high quality, low cost outpatient procedures in the southwest.

Or that the philosophy of Women's Health Specialists of California is to promote positive images of women and provide their clients with a new perspective on their bodies and health. They give women the tools to evaluate their authentic health care needs - not based on a societal myth, but on women's reality and experience. They put women's health in women's hands.

Or that the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health has been a vital resource for the women of Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and Virginia since 1975.

Or that Northland Family Planning Centers just released a special new film, Every Day, Good Women Choose Abortion.

Or that Allentown Women’s Center has a You Tube channel, Warrior’s for Choice.

(Or that they don’t link to the Abortioneers) :(

Or that the Washington Surgi-Clinic is one of the only NAF-certified clinics in the Mid-Atlantic region providing abortion services up to 24 weeks.

Or that you have the right to choose to terminate your pregnancy, safely and legally anywhere in Canada, thanks to the courage and compassion of one man: Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

You will not be surprised that I didn’t even tip the iceberg of comprehensive, compassionate care currently available to women seeking abortion-services in the US and Canada.

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Reminder: When Daughter of Wands sez: We’d love to hear your thoughts, she does also mean: Your thoughts should not include hints of anti-abortion slander of any kind.


  1. Special place in my heart for Northland Family Planning and Allentown Women's Center.

    Also for all the Feminist clinics out there that provide compassionate care and are willing to lend helping hands in nearly every situation. *enamored sigh*

  2. Hmmm, I thought that the Planned Parenthood clinics were all quality-assured by an internal national department, not the NAF -- can you help confirm/refute?

  3. Northland Family Planning's "Every Day Good Women Choose Abortion" video is so powerful. Everyone should watch this, including antis.

  4. R: Some-but not all-PPH clinics and providers are also NAF members. PPH clinics do have seperate, internal clinical policy guidelines that all PPH clinics adhere to.

    However, both PPH clinics and independent clinics can become NAF members and NAF members are quality-certified by NAF.

    Please see further available information here:


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