Monday, December 19, 2011

Poetic Justice: Winning Haiku Revealed!

Thanks to the faithful readers who contributed their haikus! My spirit took flight with every carefully-placed syllable.

In a way, you're all winners. But in a much more real way, there is only one winner. And the winner is the individual who submitted this literary gem:

Aborted my child
I should have kept my legs closed
I'm a worthless slut


I had expected to receive some anti submissions. We actually received a half-dozen. (Of note: none of the antis who left comments left their names. Shocker.) Most of our anti comments are trite phrases that you can find on any posterboard sign propped outside a Planned Parenthood. But every now and then we get something really off the wall like the above. I have heard some hateful things in my life, but this is just revolting.

I don't intend to give so much publicity to this kind of sentiment, but it's worth getting the word out that it exists. It's offensive not only to pro-choicers, feminists, women, and your work-a-day human being, but even to some mild-mannered antis I'd bet. And I want the crazies to know that with every hateful utterance, you only make us MORE PRO-CHOICE. Nobody likes a crazy person.

This, dear readers, is why we <3 you so much, and appreciate all the non-crazy that you bring to this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Worthless slut? Way to go giving the anti's more ammo, we have them calling us sluts for having abortions and women writing poems sayings how they were a slut and got an abortion! Picking this poem did not do us pro-choicers any favors in the way we women who get abortions are portrayed.

    Thanks a lot.

    A Married Women Who Was NOT a Slut and Had An Abortion

    Ps - This "gem" will be on Jill Staneck's or another antis site in no time; as "proof" that women who get abortions are all sluts and that we just "admitted" it!

    Double face palm for feeding the anti-choice trolls in the world!

    *No, I am not trying to slut shame, gotta say it before someone tries to flame me on that!

  2. Hey AnonymousAbortionMe -- as a co-blogger of Anti-Anti's, I feel compelled to point out that this post is worth re-reading, especially if you mistook it for one that endorsed the "winning" haiku's point of view!

    AA planned to post the actual winners (i.e. her faves) this Friday, but the scads of fucked-up, demeaning submissions we've gotten from antis was worth an early mention. Such as the one above from some loving, charitable soul. (Sarcasm again, don't worry!)

    As for being on Jill Stanek's site...I have no doubt she'll be copy-pasting many more of our posts in the future, because that's apparently a thing antis like to do; but the fact that these lines were submitted by one of HER readers will hopefully chasten them a bit.

  3. As a Pro-Lifer, I am sorry you have to deal with such hateful statements from other Pro-Lifers as seen in the Haiku.

    I became Pro-Life while I was an atheist, and essentially viewed abortion as killing off those that I generally loved, the Pro-Choicers.

    It seems to me with this type of hate, they'd want you to abort. I have a gay friend who is Pro-Life that pretends to be Pro-Choice to the hating types, he throws out the question to them, "Would you abort your kid if they found out it had the gay gene?".

    Pro-Life should be about love, otherwise from a eugenics perspective, you'd just be keeping around people you hated. Is there any reason to keep people around in this world you don't like if you just want to make them feel bad?

  4. LOL, sorry! English is not my first language, so sarcasm on the internet is really hard for me to pick up on. Even after 25 yrs in the US some quirks of the english language are still hard for me :)

  5. Anonymous Abortion Me, sarcasm can be hard to pick up on even for those with English as their first language! It's great you're so passionate about this issue. :) Thank you!


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