Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judicial Review

No. I would not appoint a judge to the Supreme Court if he or she were not pro-choice. Period.

I'm sure many people feel that way. But who can say it? Not PC, buddy.

I remember them asking this of Obama and McCain at one of the debates last fall. Talk about awkward. How can you answer that without blowing your moderate cover? No fair! It's a trap! I just knew with all my heart that he could not, would not, appoint an anti to the high court. But I wept inside because he would not, could not, say it.

Good thing I'm not President. I just wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut. I'd have the worst approval ratings from Repubs and Dems, for being such an asshole.

But Mr. President, who is the opposite of me in those respects, went and nominated Sotomayor, another female with too much to say. I like this wise Latina already. Even if she won't fully come out of the pro-choice closet, at least she's bright enough to recognize and admit that a white man couldn't possible relate to the experiences of a minority woman. And no offense to you awesome white men out there, but as a minority female I have to agree that it is quite the burden, regardless of being somewhat privileged. It's not that you guys don't care per se, but how could you ever appreciate what goes on in our lives? How could you ever understand feeling like you're the most visible person in a room? How could you ever experience your colleagues saying that you wouldn't have gotten into that elite university without affirmative action? How could you ever walk into a job interview and feel immediately like you're wasting your time? It's a jungle out there! And yes, I believe that the "richness" of my experiences as a woman and as a minority allows me to make better judgements than a male who has lived a charmed life in white America.

Forgive me for pulling the race card, but it certainly matters.

So hopefully this Sotomayor character is able to take that richness into account when deciding on abortion matters, should they come into play. In fact, I'd be disappointed if she didn't. Perhaps the most important thing that will save lady Abortion is women with experiences and voices who are not afraid to tell the truth to these white men.

Speak up Sotomayor!

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