Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Snack: Media Post

I recently discovered a super-cool organization called Ipas, based in Chapel Hill, NC. They do all manner of reproductive health advocacy internationally, including abortion rights (w00t). Emmy-nominated filmmaker Lisa Russell, in conjunction with Ipas, created the short documentary Not Yet Rain. Based on an African proverb ("Thunder is not yet rain"), the film documents the struggles that Ethiopian women face accessing safe and legal abortion care. Elective abortion is only legal in two African countries - South Africa and Tunisia - and other countries have very strict laws against abortion except in the rarest of circumstances.

Complete with tear-jerking and heart-warming testimonials, Not Yet Rain paints a vivid image of the struggles with women's rights in a traditional and patriarchal context. You can order your free DVD from the film's website (just clickity click the image above). Share it with loved ones!

Also, check out this public radio interview with Lisa Russell about the film and abortion in the African context:

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