Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet Charity

Fed the homeless today.

I suppose after leaving Abortion Land there are some gaps in my good-deed-doings. So I hopped in a van with some folks from work and passed out soup and sandwiches to men lined up on the street. They knew the route, all the stops, exactly what to expect.

"Two ham and cheese, please."
"Sorry, only one per person. But you can have as many peanut butter as you want."
"But I've been waiting, I'm hungry!"
"Shut up man, we're all hungry."
"How come he got two meat sandwiches?"

They might as well have been asking for abortion funding. The bickering, the dissatisfaction, the occasional smiling face asking for "whatever you guys can give me". Same variety of attitudes as those poor pregnant women with nowhere else to turn but a bleeding abortion fund, but to a lesser degree. It seems that eating one fewer bologna sandwich isn't quite as earth shattering as having a baby. And then they can have as many PB&Js as they want, and save them for later. They can meet the van same time every day at a variety of locations, and know that they'll at least come out with a donut or a cup of chicken noodle soup. It's not much, but it's reliable. And there's always someone willing to ladle out soup for an hour once a week.

But Abortioneers? We are few and far between. Women can't just find us at a regularly scheduled stop. No snacks just waiting there for you, as many as you want but please wait until everybody else gets some first. No abortion van to sit on the corner and wait for to collect your funding (though oddly enough, our sandwich van happened to coincide with a mobile health unit). Abortion is hard to dole out; I would easily rather spend a day feeding mouths than cleansing uteri. It's almost glamourous in comparison. You know that the end result is a full stomach, at least for a while. You know that even after the nuclear holocaust Wonder Bread and Smuckers will survive to feed the masses. And the best part? There are no pro-hunger martyrs to bust your balls for helping another human being. A food van, comrades, is charity bliss.

So here's to the Abortioneers far and wide, who sacrifice themselves, their hearts and heads, to get their hands dirty and bear the brunt of human suffering. It's tough work, and there are tons of us who would rather be anywhere else in the world. But Abortioneers make a difference unlike any other, and I salute you for your courage and grace. Fight the good fight!

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  1. but an abortion van would be pretty awesome...maybe an abortion rv?


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