Monday, February 13, 2012

I had a relative in town all week...

...and I just have some questions for my fellow abortioneers.

Is this how it usually goes down for you?

  • Which one of you avoids bringing it up -- you or the relative(s)?
  • Which one of you subtly changes the subject?
  • Which one of you decides to end the conversation?
  • Which one of you lets the other person have the last word, and/or decides to leave it at "agreeing to disagree"?
...Or do you just have an all-out fight?
...Or is everything hunky-dory with all your relatives? (Congratulations!)

These aren't rhetorical questions, I'm just curious about the whole spectrum of experiences (from people I know personally, it's already quite broad). So tell me how it is for you.


  1. Oh geez, I dunno PS. I haven't had many issues with my relatives, though I'm sure there are some who wouldn't love hearing about it. I'm getting better at the "agreeing to disagree" thing though. I just shrug and change the subject. Easy!

  2. Dunno, I can talk abortion talk with my mum but she was an ER Unit Secretary, she's as close to patients at the ER as you can be without being a medical professional, she's seen a lot. The only subject relating to abortion I have to tip toe around is the issue of me getting another abortion, she would like to think I would have some remorse about it and I know I wouldn't but it's only come up once and she's a former Catholic so despite her experience, she has an problem thinking about more than one abortion (at least for her own daughter).

    With my Dad I usually bring it up, I told him about my abortion the day after it happened, he was okay about it (to my face anyway) but he did ask me if he could talk about it with my stepmum, the next time I brought it up was the firebombing of a McKinney Planned Parenthood when it was maltoved, he asked if they did abortions? I told him no that only 2 facilities in DFW did abortions and the McKinney clinic was not one of them. The next time we spoke of it was for the Superbowl, the gory anti-abortion ads ended up not playing where we were (they did play in some places) but I had a talk and sent him an email about not wanting my 3 yr old seeing them (she was spending the weekend with them).

    I do talk to my sis E about abortion, she's totally pro-choice but doesn't like talking about her own abortion. She was in denial about her pregnancy and dropped LSD a dozen times while pregnant, so at 21 weeks when she could no longer deny she was pregnant, she got an abortion because she feared abnormalities and wasn't ready to be a parent yet.

    I guess I am normally the person who brings it up, I do tip toe a bit but not much.

  3. I can't believe I am fighting about birth control in 2012. When are these throwbacks going to die off?

  4. After years of fighting, I don't bring up the abortion subject with any of my family. I stayed in hiding for many years, but I really miss abortion work. So now I'm active in the community again, am active on FB and my family can block me if they can't handle my viewpoints. Thanks for asking <3


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