Thursday, February 16, 2012

Raising Abortion Money Creatively

Recession. Tough economic times. We all hear about it. All the time. It’s daunting and scary. Many have lost jobs. Unemployment rate has increased. It impacts clients, too; it’s harder to come up with money for abortions now. I used to hear that patients were able to borrow money more easily from friends and family than they are able to now. More and more, you hear how people’s support networks are being drained. Women have to be more creative with raising funds…like in the photo at the beginning of this post.

I think having a keg party to raise money for an abortion is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard and I’m so going to tell all my patients who need money for their procedure about it! The thing is, though it’s funny, the keg abortion fundraiser probably was a real event. There’s a website called Texts From Last Night where you can submit funny (most likely real) text messages. Those that are especially humorous get posted by area code. You can also search under many keywords, like abortion. Love it!

A shortlist of some of the more creative ideas I’ve heard from patients for raising money are:
1) Yard Sale
2) Bake Sale
3) Church collection
4) Student loans
5) Tax returns
6) Borrowing small amounts of money from multiple people (like $25 from four people = $100)
7) Selling rims from a car
8) Selling stuff off Craigslist
9) Braiding hair/hairstyling (utilizing a talent to earn extra money on the side)
10) Cleaning houses

Sadly, we hear about all the tragic things people have to do, too, like sell food stamps, their wedding/engagement ring, their kids’ toys, etc. Hopefully some of these ideas will help your patients come up with creative ways to save money towards their abortion…

Any other suggestions?


  1. I had to ask my super religious parents-in-law for the money, while they are generally pro-life they did not stand in the way of my husband and I making our own choice about the pregnancy and loaned us the money for the termination.

    If I needed money for an abortion now I would -

    11. Crochet baby beanies (slippers, hackey sacks ect) and sell them
    12. Baby sit (or offer future baby sitting services for money now)
    13. Dog walking
    14. Sell plasma
    15. Sell clothes to a resale shop
    16. Make tamales and sell them door to door (I'm in Tx so it would work for me)
    17. Have the sperm donor (boyfriend/husband) sell his sperm to a local sperm bank
    18. Pawn jewelry/tools/musical instruments

  2. The only other thing I can think of is to sell all (or most) of your book collection. You can always use public and other kinds of libraries to obtain books and other materials for education and leisure. Also, you can slowly build up your library after you have the abortion. I wish that no woman ever had to worry about lack of healthcare funding!

  3. Of course, the underlying problem here is that the stigma of abortion makes fundraising difficult for individuals.

  4. If you can scrape together $100, sell raffle tickets to make up the difference.

  5. Why not do them for free...seeing as how they are so necessary.


    The one where we repeatedly explain the importance of covering contraception and abortion in both private and public insurance plans for all.

    You can see more of this blog at

  7. There's actually a long list of suggestions at the National Network of Abortion Funds' site, here:

    How Can I Get All The Money I Need
    It includes all these ideas and more...these are ideas that volunteers on abortion fund hotlines will go through with people who call, to help them raise enough money so they can get the care they need.

  8. Benedict said: "Of course, the underlying problem here is that the stigma of abortion makes fundraising difficult for individuals."

    YES. This! Totally agree that the problem is systemic and we need to change the system...unfortunately, in the meantime we still have to find ways to survive in it.

  9. Have the sperm carrier involved donate sperm!


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