Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's abortion wants to be bonny and blithe and good and gay

As the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade approaches, it feels a bit (or a ton) like there’s little to celebrate.

Honestly, according to Guttmacher Institute, 92 anti-abortion provisions passed in 24 states in 2011. Ho Hum.

But supposing 2011 is inconsequential and everything of 2012 is new and either headed for a new world or truly doomed...

Eloquently, Whole Woman’s Health issued a press release over a new sonogram law passed in Texas, including this fine gem: “We know that every day, good women have abortions.”

Read the entire release here: Whole Woman’s Health: Official Press Release Regarding the Texas Sonogram Bill

Holistically, there is also this historical perspective from a professor and advocate, Dr. Jeannie Ludlow: "I propose that we look again at illegal, extralegal, and legal abortion and reshape our understanding to focus on the difference between harmful, exploitive practices and safe, compassionate care. "

Read the entire article here: Reframing Compassionate Care: Of Madame Restell and Other Outlaws

(Pleasantly) surprisingly, Forbes magazine features the National Network of Abortion Funds: "In short, requiring women to carry every pregnancy to term would plunge a far greater number of women and children into poverty than are already there.

Those Privileged Among Us Who Continue to Have Choice Have an Obligation to Our Sisters Who Do Not..."

Read the entire article here: After She Sold Her Wedding Ring

However lightly, for those who follow football: Should You Fuck Tim Tebow? Have I mentioned my new year's solution is to convert TIm Tebow? Mountain man...

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