Monday, January 23, 2012

Beware of the Superbowl Commercials

How does one ruin the Superbowl for everyone? Run anti-abortion commercials!

Randall Terry, everyone's favorite anti to hate, is running for President. He has no chance and knows that. So why would he run you ask? Part of the FCC Telecommunications Act says that candidates' ads must be run and can't be altered if aired within 45 days of a Presidential primary. As long as Terry can get the money together (and apparently has in 13 television markets), he can run whatever he wants. If you live in these areas, you can prepare to see some graphic fetus porn. Because I refuse to link directly to Randall Terry's website, I will link to a CNN article. While these ads could be worse, I still don't know too many people who want to see this while they have family and friends gathered for food and football (pro- or anti-choice).

I did go to his website to view the ads, and I saw that he's raising money to air the ads. Undoubtedly there are many misguided people out there who are ok with this crap airing on TV. I wish I could do something to prevent people from donating to this nut job. While I may not be able to do that, I can try to do something to encourage people to donate to his opposition. Below I've listed some fabulous pro-choice options for donations.

EMILY's List
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Planned Parenthood
National Abortion Federation
National Network of Abortion Funds

Let's offset Randall Terry and show him that we will not be silenced or deterred.

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  1. Yup, what a way to utterly ruin a family friendly event! My 3 year old daughter is spending Superbowl weekend with my Dad since that's when my B-day is and the husband and I want to spent it alone together, I've had to email my father and ask him to keep an eye out for these ads to make sure that my toddler isn't exposed to such offensive, distressing nonsense.

    I emailed NBC about these ads and have yet to get a response.

    On the up side I don't think he will be able to get the donations necessary to actually pull this off but if he does a lot of children will be exposed to something they won't understand but will be distressed by. So much for protecting the children . . .


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