Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More stupid things antis say

Continued from previous!

1. If you can't keep it in your pants you should deal with the consequences!

Yeah. Right. First of all, life is hard enough as it is without having to deal with consequences as massive as parenthood for actions as mundane as sex. Second of all, sexual activity does not qualify one to be a parent! Do you really think everyone who has ever had sex is a viable candidate for a parent? Why torment a kid for the mistakes of his/her parents?? CAYLEE ANTHONY, MUCH?!?!?!?!?!

2. Having an abortion is taking the easy way out!

Especially true when you're broke, living in the country, work part-time and don't get sick days, have children at home, and have to make two, sometimes three trips to the clinic that's 3 hours away by the car you don't have.

On another note, modern humans are ALWAYS trying to take the easy way out, and shamelessly. Ramen noodles. Netflix. Ecards. Why is this any different?

3. The abortion industry wants to take your money and butcher your uterus!

Industry? Abortion doctors aren't raking it in like cardiologists or ophthalmologists. Abortion remains one of the cheapest procedures around; who are all these wealthy abortion doctors? Regardless, people who perform abortions are generally DOCTORS, who have been to MEDICAL SCHOOL, and completed RESIDENCIES and INTERNSHIPS, who have spent a minimum of ELEVEN YEARS learning and training to do their jobs. I don't begrudge them for earning more than the average anti on the street. If you wanted to earn a good living you could have made a better choice than Bizarro World University. Don't be hatin'!

4. You secretly know that what you're doing is wrong!

If you ask me, YOU secretly know that abortion ISN'T wrong. Otherwise you'd be waaaaay more active and organized and effective than you are. Come on, antis, just admit it: if full-grown people could be "aborted" you'd be doing a lot more than just praying outside clinics.

5. A woman needs to think about her decision for three days before she makes it!

What is it about three days? Does one's mind change drastically between days one and two, or two and three? I'd like some scientific evidence to this effect. OH, WAIT. YOU DON'T EVER ACTUALLY USE THAT STUFF.

6. You are blind to the truth!

Actually, you could ask any of us and we could tell you exactly how an abortion procedure is performed at various stages of pregnancy. We can even rattle off statistics about abortion rates, complications rates, the number of abortion providers and staff murdered in the last ten years...

7. Black children are an endangered species!

No, I'm pretty sure they count as Homo sapiens the same as me and - as much as I hate to admit it - you.

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  1. Love this. I didn't know that abortion procedures are one of the cheapest procedures available...unless you mean because so many of them are included within programs like CA's Family Pact...


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