Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Man Down- Rihanna

This music video tells the story of a woman's reaction to rape. The video is not directly related to abortion provision; however, as an abortion provider I often come in contact with women who have been raped and may even be ending a pregnancy that is the result of rape.

At the clinic where I work, we do not allow any male partners to the back with patients. Partners and women often get upset about this policy, but I always try to take the time to explain that we do have women in who have been through many different experiences. One of the first posts I ever shared is about my story of sexual assault and supporting women who are pregnant as a result of rape.

Hip-hop and pop music is often violent, and often condones sexual violence and objectification of women's bodies. I thought it was very powerful that Rihanna approached the subject in her music. So many women have been raped or assaulted, and it's something we cannot afford to ignore.

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