Friday, June 24, 2011


So there's been a lot of talk in the pro-choice world about Washington, DC and the ban on abortion funding through Medicaid, which DC residents had long enjoyed. It's becoming a spectacle even; apparently the mayor was arrested for protesting it! You go, Vince Gray!

So I've been following the DC Abortion Fund's website, curious to see how the ban would affect the tiny fund's ability to help women in need (my guess: negatively). Here's a post by Maggie R., a DCAF volunteer about what the real situation is for women on Medicaid in DC: Truth!

Other facts about people in DC:

1. They have no representation in congress.
2. They pay federal taxes anyway.
3. Money used to pay for Medicaid and other public services is local.
4. DCers often get screwed with their money, like during the government shutdown fiasco. PS, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton also told Congress to go straight to Hell during that time.

Anyway. Who else thinks this is lame? Did DC talk smack about someone's mom? Pick on someone your own size, government!

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